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Who Will Blow Next sponsorship program


Venturing out as an artist is not easy. Despite the talent one might have, it is important to know where to start, what to do, and which routes to take in order to improve your chances of success. We have seen many artists trying to venture out into the public so as to start off their career, most of whom had no idea where to actually start. It was our pleasure to give them a helping hand. We strived to help them succeed through guidance, reassurance and some great opportunities. And we can do this for you too. We want you to go ahead and make it because you have got the talent and we believe in you!


This is what ‘Who Will Blow Next’ is all about. Our main aim is to offer you opportunities to get out there and show what you can offer as an artist. We help you go to place in the US that can make your dream to be a budding artist a reality. We are talking of New York, Los Angeles, and Orlando – places where people can see you, hear you and appreciate your talents, while helping you move forward in your career. Besides highlighting what you are good at, we will be working hard to help you get the kind of exposure that you need in order to establish yourself in this field.


Our team has been working for over six years in this field by now. So you may rest assured that we know just what it takes to make it work. The music industry is an intriguing business that attracts many people, and yet, the vast majority of them do not know how to best go about it. There is also a great deal of competition out there, and trying to stand out among the rest is not that easy. But it is not impossible either, and we can help you. This is after all what we specialize in. We have worked with over 1000 artists as well as models from all over the world, and so we can safely state that we have a great deal of experience.


As you are thinking whether you should call us or not, let us highlight some of the services that ‘Who Will Blow Next’ can offer you, and how we can really make it happen for you!


Our promotional services are very broad and we strive to tackle different areas in order to give you the best possible opportunities.


Guidance and support


Having someone lead you and guide you through all the intricacies of the music or fashion industry is every new artist’s dream. These fields are so broad and so competitive, that you just need to get some help, and we are here to give you a solid helping hand through it all!



Social profile building


We believe that every artist needs to have a strong online presence in this day and age. It is a known fact that the internet, and particularly, social media, have taken a huge role in many people’s lives. Thus, you need to be out there at the disposal of people who may be searching for you and for your work. Social profile building is extremely important as this is where you can get a fair amount of exposure and following. You can also have people sharing your performances and work, thus establishing your online presence and fame even more. There is a lot to be gained from social media marketing and we can guide you through it all in order to help you achieve the best possible results.





Getting into a sponsorship program gives you a myriad of advantages. There is a lot to be gained, not only in terms of guidance and support from people who know what it all entails, but also a bigger chance for success.



Here are some more details on our sponsorship program:


Our sponsorship program is basically a 6 month deal. We feel that this is a timeframe that offers you sufficient time to get started and set off on the right footing, without being too stringent on your dream of being an independent artist.


As your sponsor, we will help you find plenty of shows where you can perform. We will get paid for all of your approved shows.


We shall be sending you merchandise and attire for all of the shows where you will be preforming. This is something that many artists find extremely helpful not only financially, but also from a practical point of view. Your image is very important, and yet you may not be quite sure what kind of image you should go for. We can help you at that through this initiative.


We offer promotional services all along, and so you will be getting considerable exposure through free advertisements and marketing initiatives for up to five different projects.


You will be given exposure on our website as well. You will be benefiting from a whole year of free updates.


As we mentioned earlier, we believe in the power of social media and hence we work hard in this realm. We guarantee that we will be working on effective social media campaigns on key platforms. You shall be getting 15 Twitter posts which should be reaching to a large audience and help you attain over 100k followers, as well as 10 sponsored posts on Facebook.


‘Who Will Blow Next’ shall be promoting all of your shows online. For any shows in which you shall be performing at, you are thus going to get a guarantee of some solid and effective online promotion. This naturally leads to great benefits in terms of reaching out to more and more people, building followers along with a reputation, as well as establishing your brand image.


We will be distributing your music to major retailers based online throughout the 6-month sponsorship period.


By now you are probably thinking how all this could literally change your life for you and help you really set off as an artist. Yes, this can happen, and this is what many other artists managed to experience and benefit from once they hired us. Besides, all this is very affordable! In fact the cost for all of these services is merely $575! Yes! You are only going to pay $575 for a whole 6 month sponsorship program from the Who Will Blow Next team – a team that has plenty of experience, and a vast array of opportunities awaiting for you!


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started! Your dream is only a call away! Who Will Blow Next guarantees that the services offered are the best out there, and we beat the estimates that any other promotional service providers may offer you, not only in terms of experience but also moneywise. We offer same-day services and once you get in touch with us we will get back to you within 24 hours. Your best bet at becoming a professional artist is to collaborate with us. This is the best way for you to establish yourself as an artist, and to really make your music be heard and your talents properly exposed to the audience out there. We know what it takes and we know how to help you achieve the best possible results.


Collaborate with Who Will Blow Next to benefit from professional representation, promotion and distribution, and we guarantee that you won’t regret it! We can help you believe in it and achieve it, just as we helped many other artists who have by now established themselves in the music industry. We look forward to hear from you and get started on this amazing journey that will set off your career!

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