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C - Nova

C-nova is one of a kind.. An Entrepreneur, An R&B Artist and Entertainer with his own style is making being a gentleman cool again. Bringing intelligence, grace, and style to every performance. He is truly the definition of swagg. Someone with a God-giving gift. Cnova needs you to subscribe and stay tuned.Make sure to click my notification bell Follow me every where

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Joe Grizzy.jpg

Joe Grizzy

Joe Grizzy was born in Somerville, NJ into a family of musicians and recording artists. Even as a toddler his love for music was evident and only grew stronger over time. His younger years were spent moving from state to state which played a major role in his rhyme style. 


   " Yea man, I've live all up & down the east coast. From as far north as Maine all the way down south to Decatur, Ga. Each place that I've lived added a little something different to my approach to music ".


   By 18 Joe Grizzy and longtime friend AutoBahn A formed Kurupt Mindz. Their debut effort , #MixtapeMuzik , is currently available on all digital platforms including Google Play, iTunes & Spotify. 


   Over the last two years Joe Grizzy has collaborated on 2 mixtapes. General Principlez & The Outbreak. He has also penned dozens of features for various artists which can all be found on his Soundcloud. 


   On July 4th 2018 Joe Grizzy released his highly anticipated 1st solo album, War Wounds and Tattoos. It is a collection of 11 hip hop tracks where Joe Grizzy gives you a raw and unedited view into his life. From tracks like " Work " where he expresses his desire to leave the street life alone to another future classic like " Dear Radio " where he explains his views and opinions of today's music scene. War Wounds and Tattoos can be found on every digital platform including Google Play, iTunes & Spotify. 

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Keishon Hicks

Keishon Hicks, better known on stage as Ki Koy Ki (K3) is multi-genre musician & song writer whose works touch every musical genre created. His core genres are Pop & R&B . He took early interest in music when he led his local church choir at the age of 4; his grandmother recalls this a magical moment that she will never forget. Though he found his #beginnings in #Gospel, Ki Koy Ki began venturing to various musical genres over the years. People tend to close their eyes when they hear his music; each song evoking a different emotion fans say. His versatility & belief system in God and his universe separates him from many other artists.Ki Koy Ki believes music is magic, & that songs are magical spells and good spells must be cast. He recently received the title of the first "Arkansas Idol" chosen by KATV News & previous top 50 contestant Noah Davis to receive a front of the line pass for the ABC Show "American Idol". Ki Koy Ki has #traveled to Tustin California to record covers songs for "The OC Hit Factory" Management company of Zhavia previous contestant of VH1 show "The Four" , Opened for the legendary soul group " En Vogue". He says "Being a independent artist can cripple you, but being cripple doesn't mean you cant find rehabilitation."

He relocated to #Houston TX to take the city by storm and he isnt stopping anytime soon.

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