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This package is the Tier One to our Branding Package, which is our most valuable opportunity we offer to unsigned artist. Branding is the way your music is going to reach the auidence that will become your fans. With the right brand your music and you will be able to reach the next level in the industry!!! 


What does this package include? 


  • One detailed, permanent blog post that introduces you as a artist, your social links, your music, and a bio about who you are - will be posted on - introducing you to thousands possibly millions of viewers monthly. This allows the possibilites of more fans, potential collaborations with record labels and other artists.


  • Five to Seven twitter post/video post on our company twitter. Which will allow your talent and music as a artist be seen by the music industry. This will also give you a chance to exploit your music to social media on a new level. 


  • One music video posted on our YouTube channel, with the possibility of unlimited amount of views, comments and likes. This will give the world access to your true exposed talent. This also opens doors for your sponsorship opportunities.


  • Your music will be submitted to 10-50 spotify curators playlists. Which will increase your monthly viewers on spotify, and also increase your revenue on the amount of monthly streams you receive. 


  • Will distribute and publish a EP or Single Song to maximize the branding.


Branding is the most important part of your music career let us help you expand your brand.

The Beginners Branding Package

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