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Our company has 11 years of Experience with artists PR and music marketing. We sponsor our most marketable artists with paid Shows, Marketing, Radio air play, Distribution, merchandising and Studio time.

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Keishon Hicks

Keishon Hicks, better known on stage as Ki Koy Ki (K3) is multi-genre musician & song writer whose works touch every musical genre created. His core genres are Pop & R&B . He took early interest in music when he led his local church choir at the age of 4; his grandmother recalls this a magical moment that she will never forget.


C - Nova

C-nova is one of a kind.. An Entrepreneur, An R&B Artist and Entertainer with his own style is making being a gentleman cool again. Bringing intelligence, grace, and style to every performance. He is truly the definition of swagg. Someone with a God-giving gift.

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Joe Grizzy

Joe Grizzy was born in Somerville, NJ into a family of musicians and recording artists. Even as a toddler his love for music was evident and only grew stronger over time. His younger years were spent moving from state to state which played a major role in his rhyme style.

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